Our Story.

Ben_Alex_webNecessity is the mother of all invention. While you could debate whether or not the availability of traditional ales is indeed a necessity, for Co-Founder Alex Buck, the need was real.

During a libatious tour of Europe ten years ago, Alex was taken by the remarkable quality of the local brews and couldn’t understand why the US was so devoid of such tasty concoctions. Unable to get his fix back home, he committed to learning everything about brewing in order to slake his thirst for traditional ales by brewing his own.

Around the same time, Ben’s love of beer was transitioning from consumption to creation. As he and some good friends watched their first batch of homebrew bubble away on their Chicago apartment’s shoddy stove, they concluded that the only thing that could be more fun than making and drinking beer would be making and drinking beer for a living.

Meeting through a mutual friend, Alex and Ben quickly discovered they shared the same brewing and distilling dreams as well as the desire to lay roots for their families in the Wood River Valley surrounded by the joy and beauty of the mountains. Warfield Distillery & Brewery was born shortly thereafter, giving both the chance to make a dream reality.