Why We’re Obsessed With Cask Ales (And Why You Should Be Too…)~

If you’ve been by the bar lately, you probably noticed that we recently added another handle on our beer engine, allowing us to now pour three different styles of cask ales. We can’t get enough cask ales. Seriously. We love them. We try not to drink one every day. If you’ve never tried cask ales, or are perhaps a bit confused … Read More

Dance Party w/ DJ Luke McNees

Local legend DJ Luke McNees is about to hit the road for awhile, but has time for one more party. He’ll be kicking things off around 10:30pm. Local Beer + Local Booze + Local Music

Really, Actually Local & Sustainable Food

Under the road-tested, veteran leadership of Chef Sean Temple, the Warfield menu has finally come into its own. We’d always had a general idea of what we wanted the food to be like. In its most simple terms, we wanted it to be good food. The kind of food that we’d happily shovel into our kids’ mouths and the kind of food … Read More


Alex Buck and Ben Bradley, Warfield, Ketchum Idaho

Ahh the first entry of our blog. Feels a bit like setting up a squeaky, old folding chair in the middle of an empty gymnasium. Settling in and looking around at the emptiness. Making noise, but not for anyone in particular at this exact moment of writing. But hello. Here you are, fine reader. And welcome to the Ramblings of … Read More